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Rh Floor and Tile Co's Story...

How It All Began

I’ve been in the tile business for over 10 years at this point. It’s been a quite a journey… it all began when my girlfriend’s dad (At the time) Hired me as a helper.

I took the job because it paid decently right out of high school. I had no idea almost 10 years later I would own my own company doing flooring & tile.

Deciding To Go Out On My Own

I’ve worked for a couple different companies over the 10 year span & eventually I realized I wanted to own a tile business instead of working for others.  All my friends & family were extremely encouraging. It was a life changing decision & truthfully, I was very scared to go out on my own.

I had my doubts as any new entrepreneur would. I didn’t know if I had enough clients or if i’d be able to stay busy. I wasn’t sure if I would fail.

However, I knew I would regret not trying for the rest of my life. So with the help of my business partner, I made the decision to get started & didn’t look back.

We're Still Here

It’s been a long journey & I’m extremely grateful to be in the position i’m in. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. I’ve done flooring & tile all over the united states, I've been mentored by tile setter veterans with over 30 years experience, & I’ve completed thousands of jobs on my own at this point.

I’m glad I’m able to help people create awesome brand new looks in their homes or businesses!

Have you been thinking of remodeling?

Let’s create an amazing interior together.


-Ray Hughey

Founder Bio

Ray Hughey


Has over 10 years of experience with all floor / Tile settings & materials.
Has been mentored by tile setters with over 30 years experience.
Has completed installations all over the united states.

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